Creating a platform.

The Chatous team approached us to work on some early stage concepting for the V2 launch of their app. Our objective was to improve session time and user retnetion. We assessed the current app and user behaviour, found areas for improvement and gave the Chatous team a platform for them to build upon.

Early wireframe explorations.

The first step in helping the Chatous team was to re-asses the app structure. We surfaced conversation starters which were previously buried in the depths of the app. We also introduced a level of profile customization, a potential opportunities were: affect the UI itself based profile and unlocking customizations based on behaviour or social sharing.

Visual Explorations

Our role was to give Chatous a direction with which to push forward. We did a few visual explorations based on the features mentioned above. This gave Chatous a great spring board to launch into their own direction. The final app stayed pretty true to a lot of the conceptual pieces we shared.



Its always fun to surprise a client. We put together a few prototypes and animations in Quartz Composer for them. These were used to communicate some of the more complex thoughts we had.


Searching Animation